Denver Shadows 2073

Session 1

You all meet in a bar...

Dumpster Magee put Traxx, Blade, Raiden, and Link onto a job meeting at the Splatter Bar.
The Johnson, later determined to be a well-known print journalist from Native American Broadcast Service (NABS), explains that his employers are looking for an investigation and possible extraction, which could involve travel between sectors.
He gives them the office address (in the UCAS sector) of a Horizon print journalist (Enyinnaya Silvo Van Buren), who has been investigating something big. The runners are to tail him and find out what he is working on. He is likely in danger as well. The runners are not to make contact, but if the target is attacked they should interfere to save him. The Johnson gives them a commcode to contact him in case this happens.
Otherwise they are simply to report back to the Splatter Bar every two days, and depending on their findings they may be instructed to kidnap and take the target somewhere. The Johnson offers them ¥5,000 each. Raiden negotiates for ¥300 extra per kill, which the Johnson quickly agrees to as long as the runners keep a low profile.
As soon as the Johnson leaves, the runners notice another human bar patron immediately get up and follow him out. The team was concerned about their Johnson’s health, so Traxx sent his Flyspy drone to follow them. That patron got in a car with the Johnson and drove off.
Link quickly browsed the Matrix and soon found that the Johnson was another journalist and rather well-known: Nahuel Ulysses.
Blade sent a spirit to look for the target, but after a short while the spirit couldn’t find him.



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