Keith and Eileen Summers

AKA Mr. Stone, mid-twenties Shiawase wage-slave


Keith Summers

Public profiles indicate:
A Caucasian man, mid­twenties, sandy­blond hair and lean good looks. Not particularly
intimidating, slim build and about 5’9". Blue eyes are not visibly artificial. Outside of work he tends to wear smart casual sportswear, quality but not overly expensive.
Keith has had a mildly, but not especially, privileged upbringing. Decent schooling and a certain amount of drive. He joined Shiawase at 17 on a scholarship and has been successfully working his way up the ranks, to his current lower-­management position. He fits the usual corporate profile for such an individual with a good work record and a few resumé-­padding outside interests such as mildly extreme sports and clubbing.
Married to Eileen Summers since 2069-9-15.

Eileen Summers

Public profiles indicate:
Age 27. About 5’8”, very lean of build, slim, attractive face. She dresses well in casual clothes that accentuate her very athletic figure.

Keith and Eileen Summers

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